Irresistible BirthSix Secrets for a PLEASURABLE Pregnancy and Birth
Are you pregnant and want to increase your confidence ready for birth?
Discover how to awaken your Sensual Body Wisdom to move beyond fear...Ill show you simple SECRETS to create a PLEASURABLE Pregnancy and Birth
With Alex Florschutz, The Irresistible Birth Coach and Author of
'The Art of Birth - Empower Yourself for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth'

If you're ready to end your worry and transform your pregnancy and birth experience, keep reading...

Dear Sister,

I knew I had discovered the secrets of a gentle, pleasurable birth when I delivered my son by candle light in my own warm living room, without any pain relief whatsoever. And more importantly, I ENJOYED IT!

I used to think that the safest place to give birth was in hospital surrounded by ‘professionals’ who knew best.

I also used to think that birth and pleasure was like the north and south poles! And that natural birth, at home, was achieved by a certain type of woman, which wasn’t me!

That is NOT the case at all!

I am here to bust that myth! I was fortunate enough to experience pregnancy in beautiful Bali (as well as the UK) which enabled me to create a powerful system that has worked for so many people.

The Secrets I discovered will empower you to create a natural, pleasurable pregnancy and birth. It is simple, easy and so much FUN!

The best part is that I bonded immediately with my son, breastfed and have had an amazing relationship with him ever since. He is a vibrant, healthy, intelligent young man and I know it was his gentle, trauma free entrance to this world that has supported him so far through life. I REALLY want the same experience and JOY for YOU.

I am sharing these SECRETS to show what is possible for YOU now!
If you could wave a magic wand and create your ideal Birth, what would it look like?

Here are some ideas. (It's ok - let your imagination run wild for a moment)

Feel amazing and in tune with your body, knowing that you are safe.

Feel fearless because you have embraced ALL of your Feminine wisdom.

Feel confident that you have all the inner tools for a vibrant, satisfying, easy birth.

Feel liberated, free, flowing and juicy like the true goddess you are.

Feel deep happiness and fulfillment knowing you are bringing new life into the world.

Sound amazing? How to know if you are READY to create a new kind of Birth experience...

Well, you’re in the right place if you dream of having a pleasurable pregnancy and birth but not sure if it is possible. Or you think that birth professionals know better than your own inner wisdom and intuition.

What I hear all the time...

“I’m afraid of giving birth”

“I just want ALL the pain relief available”

“What if I can’t get the baby out?”

“My last birth was a nightmare, I’m dreading this birth”

“It’s going to be painful, everyone says so”

“I don’t want to feel anything”

“It will be fine (but secretly I’m terrified)”

You are probably thinking... How can birth actually be another way because most people I speak to have had an unpleasant experience? Why would I be any different? I really know how you feel and you’re certainly not alone!

How I Discovered the SECRETS of a Blissful Birth and went from Fear to Trust
Several years ago I was living in Bali (Indonesia) as an artist and met my husband. We had a whirlwind love affair, a magnificent wedding and almost immediately I conceived!

“And suddenly my life changed forever! Oops, I’m pregnant... Now what?”

I never had much exposure to babies and I always thought I would get pregnant when I was ‘grown up’. I was 31 years old and that time was now! I felt the immense responsibility of bringing a new life into this world

Luckily, I was surrounded by people who believed very deeply that Pregnancy and Birth were easy, natural and joyful processes to be celebrated, not feared. It was a rite of passage for a woman and they made me feel like a Queen. Everyone rejoiced in my pregnancy and I felt safe, secure and totally confident that it would all be straightforward.

Nevertheless, my husband and I came back to the UK when I was six months pregnant and I was met with a different story. Fear, danger, medical, hospital and an assumption that I would just passively go to all my checkups, scans, aim for the hospital birth, check out the theatre in case of a caesarean and look into the different pain relief options!

It felt awful, so I quickly looked for another way and found some wonderful mentors and also painted how I was feeling. Through my art practice, the self exploration supported by these teachers and reading alternative, holistic views on pregnancy and birth, I was able to reconnect to my confident state that I experienced in Bali. My inner journey empowered me to trust myself; mind, body and spirit.

My birth was very profound, empowering and the best day of my life and I knew then that I wanted to give something back. I have created this program out of my experience and thankfully it has worked for so many women worldwide.

Here are some juicy facts about me: I am a trained Art Psychotherapist, Coach, Artist, Film Maker, Doula and Mother with life-long experience supporting people with their emotional and psychological healing due to being raised in a medical environment. My greatest passion is supporting women, like you, liberate your Feminine spirit through creative expression, particularly during pregnancy and reclaim your power. I am also a practicing artist and exhibit regularly.

Irresistible Birth with The Irresistible Birth Coach
Here are some Funky Facts about Birth...
Did you know that 90% of our thinking is unconscious? Therefore, it can be really helpful if we explore our thoughts and feelings during pregnancy and resolve any fears that may hinder the natural flow of birth.

‘Irresistible Birth’ will help you unlock your unconscious so you can discover the secret messages of your body and mind. You will learn how to strip away any limiting beliefs so you can manifest the experience you deserve.

Did you also know that creativity is scientifically linked to female sexuality? I have found that creative expression is the fastest way to discover the hidden meaning behind our thoughts and feelings, especially fear, anxiety and even physical symptoms, not to mention creating feelings of pleasure and well-being.

My passion is supporting pregnant women like YOU to discover the SECRETS for Yourself!
You can relax because I have created this system just for YOU which I have tried and tested. You will receive all the necessary tools to reclaim your power so you can have the experience you truly desire.

Here are the outcomes I intend for you to celebrate after completing this course as you create your very own ‘Irresistible Birth.’

You have harnessed the secret tools to create a pleasurable journey to birth

You’ve awakened your sensuality and trust your body wisdom

You feel juicy and pleasured from the inside

You’ve transformed any limiting beliefs and realise your true power

You’ve unleashed your creative potential and know how to have FUN!

You feel a deep connection with yourself and your baby

Your fears of Birth have melted away and you are ready to dance all the way to the delivery!

These Results are TOTALLY Possible for YOU...
I am passionate about sharing the skills that I have seen work with so many of my clients. All women deserve the tools to harness their inner wisdom and receive emotional support. You deserve to have a pleasurable and joyous pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
"Working with Alex’s course was such an amazing experience and immediately transformed my pregnancy. I had a very straightforward birth due to the tools I had learnt and the trust I had in my body and self. Thank you!" Sophie Pie, Brighton
Here are the 6 proven stages you will learn to create an Irresistible Birth&Session 1 Irresistible Wisdom of your Body
Introduction to the Irresistible Birth Course

Learn how to befriend the wisdom of your physical body and not let fear get in the way

Discover the secrets of letting go of control and tune into pleasure

Learn important ways to relax, let go, and slowww down

Get the top five exercises perfect for pregnancy and labour

Let your Breath support you as it is the key to life!

Session 2 Irresistible Power of your Thoughts
Learn to understand the power of our thoughts and their influence on your well-being

Discover how to change limiting beliefs and create a new paradigm 

Start using the powerful Affirmations exclusive for pregnancy (particularly ‘my body is safe’)

Gain deeper insight with visualisations and journal work

Enjoy learning how to quieten the mind and open the heart

Session 3 Irresistible Messages of Emotions
Discover the power of using Art and creativity to illuminate your pregnant journey

Express your emotions and uncover their hidden messages

Realise how emotional pleasure can nurture you all the way to the delivery

Discover the power of the magic question

Unleash your emotions with process’s all about you

Session 4 Irresistible Sensuality of Pleasure
Explore sensual pleasure which will transform your pregnancy in to joy

Learn how pleasure increases Oxytocin which reduces stress (important for labour)

Dare to explore the gifts hidden in the realm of the senses

Learn lots of juicy secrets!

Session 5 Irresistible Feminine Sexuality
Awaken the Goddess Within and gain deep insight into your own power

Unleash the inner child by learning to make a mess... getting down and dirty!

Fall in love with yourself through mirror work

Overcome negative feelings about your yoni (vagina) through art/craft

Rekindle your sexual life energy necessary for labour

Session 6 Irresistible Bigger Picture
Explore the bigger picture as birth is a profound rite of passage for you

Learn sacred exercises, visualisations and Mandala drawing

Achieve all you need to know to complete the course

Plus a bonus exercise for you and your partner that you will love

How you can be part of the course Irresistible Birth:Irresistible BirthSix Secrets for a PLEASURABLE Pregnancy and Birth
You get to learn how to create an ‘Irresistible Birth’ in 6 convenient virtual pleasure classes that you can access in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose.

The downloadable audio classes and guidebooks full of visual support and easy-to-follow exercises are available for you to work with at your own pace, whenever you want.

The first class will be available to explore immediately after you enrol  and the remaining 5 classes will follow weekly thereafter. There’s no rush. You can do the whole course in a week, a month or throughout your whole pregnancy depending on the pace that works best for you. And you can return to any of the classes whenever you desire.

Over the many years I’ve been teaching this topic to pregnant women, I’ve refined this system to be the most effective, easiest and fun way to complete your online pleasure course for Pregnancy, Birth and beyond.

Your BONUS support resources include:
1. FREE complimentary chapter to the bestselling book:
The Art of Birth - Empower Yourself for Conception,  Pregnancy & Birth

2. Tapping to Release your Fears around Pregnancy and Giving Birth(EFT). A specially created audio and PDF to download immediately.
Leanne Jones, Advanced EFT Practitioner (Value £85) 

3. Enhance your Life with a deep 'TAG' Session available for immediate  download.
Marty L. Ward, Kiss Procrastination Goodbye Expert (Value £45)

4. Learn how to take care of your body postpartum.
Lynn Schulte-Leech (value £170)

5. And another surprise bonus!

I know I will receive:

  • Access to the Irresistible Birth Online Course 6 virtual Pleasure Classes delivered weekly and I can access whenever I want. (£1,495 value)
  • BONUS #1: 6-month complimentary membership to the Irresistible Birth Group where I get regular access to the exclusive Secret Facebook Group to receive personalized feedback. (£155 value)
  • BONUS #2: An irresistible bonus exercise for you and your partner to explore together and support your journey to birth. (£250 value)

(Total Value = £2,200)

I believe in providing affordable support so I'm offering this course for just:

£2,200   £99

Get instant access today
I invite YOU to listen to your heart and take committed action to support your birth...
I hope you’ll give yourself this important resource. Taking this step now will bring you so much closer to making your dream birth come true.

I invite you to say, “Yes!” now from a place of love for the future well-being of yourself and your baby.

My warmest wishes for your Irresistible Birth,

Alex Florschutz
The Irresistible Birth Coach

"Alexandra is an inspirational woman, mother, and author. She combines her training as a psychologist and her artistic expression to create a deep understanding of the natural, wonderful experience of pregnancy and birth. She has helped me conquer many personal issues, allowing me to understand the beautiful journey of my life. She will help you discover all you need to know to be at ease with the transformational experience of your pregnancy and birth." Christianne Le Pla

"The Irresistible Birth course was a real joy to do and it helped me feel much more in tune with myself. My birth was wonderful and I know it was helped by doing this course." Linda Grace
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